We have curated a lot of our favorite spots to visit and spend time when you were in Humboldt County on vacation or exploring the area. We have harnessed our knowledgeable staff to expose a lot of the awesome places that you should not miss while you are in the area!

Of Course, we have designed this guide to use our amazing Coffee House as a "home base" while you check out these juicy things to do here in Humboldt County.

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Arcata's Community Forest is comprised of approximately 790 acres of woodland recreation, with an exceptional network of developed trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding (check the trail maps to determine which trails are open to bikes and horses). Trail Maps are available at the parking lots.

Arcata, CA 95521, USA

The Community forest is by far the coolest thing that you should not miss while you are here in Arcata. It boasts some the biggest redwood trees around, along with miles and miles of amazing trails. You could spend all day in this place alone

#2 - Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a prime spot for birding, hiking (all easy hikes) and great views of the Arcata Bay. At any time of the year birds or mammals can be viewed from one of the many trails that network the over 225 acres that are open to the public.

Located at the north end of Humboldt Bay, the sanctuary is situated along the Pacific Flyway, a major migratory route for thousands of birds that breed in the far north and winter in California, Mexico, and Central and South America. These wetlands provide homes and migratory resting places for over 270 species of birds.

Gearheart Marsh, Arcata, CA 95521, USA

The Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing walking trail with some of the best bird watching in the area. You can have a picnic in the big parking lot and walk the very flat and well manicured trails as you look for birds such as godwits, sandpipers and more... keep an eye out for the otters or check out some of the old mill and railroad sites of the past.

The Marsh is considered the best place to bird in Humboldt County and is widely known outside the area for its avian abundance. It ranks fourth in the state of California and 20th in the entire United States for species diversity, according to the eBird database of bird sightings. More than 70 bird species can be found at the Marsh year-round. Each season reveals its own delights.


The Arcata Plaza is the hub of Arcata-local businesses and food, as well as your everyday Arcata life. Make it down to the plaza on Saturdays for the beloved farmers market, and enjoy what Arcata has to offer! The Plaza has a lot of really old buildings and architecture to enjoy as well as many special events and festivals.

844 H St, Arcata, CA 95521, USA

The History: Arcata, a college town of almost 18,000 on California’s far north coast, may be nicknamed “Hippie Haven,” but its official name was a more somber “Union” when it was settled in 1850. Those pioneers built up this plaza, mostly using wood for construction, but August Jacoby thought to build his store out of brick and stone. As a result, in the wake of an 1875 fire that destroyed dozens of the town’s buildings and businesses, his is the only original building left today.

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1603 G Street, Arcata Ca 95521

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1603 G St, Arcata, CA 95521, USA

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