Here in Humboldt County we have a rich history of enjoying high-quality and fresh roasted coffee. After all, what is a breakfast or lunch without a delicious mocha or latte. When you are traveling the 101 on a vacation there is nothing like a fresh-brewed cup of drip coffee or hot matcha to get you going on your adventure.

Humboldt is rich with many local roasters including Muddy Waters, Humboldt Bay Coffee Roasters, Kinetic coffee, Sacred Grounds and many more. The Redwoods and the beauty of the Cliffs of Trinidad seem to attract coffee enthusiasts from around the world, and the amazing politics and community of the City of Arcata keeps us all going.

Here at Northtown Coffee we have distilled nectar of Humboldt and serve it hot. Try a Super Shroom Mocha, take a look at our original floors from 1925, vibe out in our classic home that we hot rodded into a cafe.

‘We are located at 1603 G Street in Arcata, Right off the 101 near Humboldt State University.”